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Three Ships x Pact’s Mail Back Collection Program

Thank you for participating in our Mail Back Collection Program!

The most sustainable way for Pact to process your hard-to-recycle beauty empties is through our In-Store Collection Program. Take a minute to check if there's a Pact Collection Bin near you- see locations across the US and Canada hereNo Pact Bin near you? You can mail back your clean empties--the ones listed on our guidelines-- to Pact’s Collection Facility.

To participate, please follow the three steps below. Three Ships is covering all collection and recycling fees. Since Pact is a nonprofit we need folks to contribute $5 to cover the shipping costs. As a bonus, you'll receive a $5 discount code for your next Three Ships order to reward your efforts and cover Pact shipping costs! Together, we can close the loop on hard-to-recycle beauty packaging. 

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Step 1
Follow the link below to complete checkout and you'll receive a shipping label and instructions via email
Step 2
Place 5-10 clean, Pact approved hard-to-recycle beauty packages from any brand in a box (no larger than 6”x6”x3”) or envelope (no larger than 8”x12”)
Step 3
Drop your package in the mailbox and we'll recycle your empties